March Nature Journal Entries

Here’s what we noted in our journal for March during a month of many firsts: first bluebird spotted atop their new home (3/6); first moths fly on the first day above 70 degrees and on the very same day the last lake ice melts (3/9); squirrels cavorting in the forest canopy (3/10); first Geese pairing up on Lake Konstanz (3/11); first bat spotted of the year (3/12); first wasps and flies come out (3/13); first bluebird nest appears (3/15); spring peeper frogs heard singing (3/16); daffodils pass 2 inches tall (3/17); worms crossing roads overnight after the first day above 80 degrees (3/18); first crocus flowers emerge (3/22); daffodils in full bloom coinciding with the last snow and freeze of the season (3/27); frogs crossing roads overnight in the rain and some get left behind (3/31); first wild dogwoods bloom in the forest (3/31); and first mayflowers emerge on the forest floor (4/4).  Some of these entries from this year are running a week ahead of last year’s which had an unusually harsh winter. While these dates often vary from year to year what’s so important to note is that some emerge based on the temperature while others do so based on the duration of sunlight in the day. If you are a light based critter but your food supply is based on temperature, a late spring can leave you scrounging for food.

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