Lunar eclipse pictures from Innsbrook

It’s great to live in a community with so many who enjoy both nature and their neighbors that they still turn out to see a total lunar eclipse, even when it is cloudy and the watch party cancelled! Those faithful who showed up were rewarded with several glimpses of the moon at different stages peaking through the clouds. Here’s three great photos from Cindy Bowers, Rich McFall, and Gary Barton as the moon appears to being chased and devoured by a haunting red fog. It seems that because it was a “supermoon” it won out over the darkness and emerged unscathed into the light before the night was over!

IMGP9021 IMG_0480IMG_3644

Fall Nature Photo Safari Hike and Scavenger Image Hunt

Join the Innsbrook Nature Group – the IBK’ng – for a Fall Nature Photo Safari and Scavenger Image Hunt at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon, October 11. We will meet at the Log Cabin lot below Alpine Dam for a 1-2 hour hike on the Tyrolean Trail as it meanders alongside Charrette Creek. For those who wish to participate in the fun we will have a list with hints for finding the top six most unique natural images to photograph along the Tyrolean Trail. Bring your camera as this weekend should be near peak fall color in the most beautiful valley of Innsbrook and during the annual property owners photo contest.


View Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 27 from Innsbrook

Join other Innsbrook nature enthusiasts in witnessing one of the biggest and longest total lunar eclipses on Sunday evening, Sept. 27. Observers in Eastern North America, including the St. Louis region and Innsbrook, will be able to see all phases of the eclipse that will coincidentally occur this time when the moon is closest to the Earth. The full moon will enter the Earth’s shadow at 7:11 pm, shortly after rising in the east a few minutes before 7 pm. The total eclipse will begin just after 9 pm and last well over an hour. A great viewing spot should be on the Lionshead Beach on Lake Aspen. Meetup anytime that evening with your binoculars, camera, jacket, and chair to view nature’s own fireworks with the expected blood-red glow of what is being called a “Supermoon” rising and reflecting over the lake. As it will be several years before another total lunar eclipse is visible from Innsbrook, please share this invite and page link with your Innsbrook friends and neighbors.