Lunar eclipse pictures from Innsbrook

It’s great to live in a community with so many who enjoy both nature and their neighbors that they still turn out to see a total lunar eclipse, even when it is cloudy and the watch party cancelled! Those faithful who showed up were rewarded with several glimpses of the moon at different stages peaking through the clouds. Here’s three great photos from Cindy Bowers, Rich McFall, and Gary Barton as the moon appears to being chased and devoured by a haunting red fog. It seems that because it was a “supermoon” it won out over the darkness and emerged unscathed into the light before the night was over!

IMGP9021 IMG_0480IMG_3644

2 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse pictures from Innsbrook

  1. Ok Rich how did you get these great photo’s????? I was there in person until 9:30 and did not see anything even close to these 2 pics. Guess I should have moved my chair to the grassy area – huh?! 😉 Linda



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