Nature Photo Safari this Sunday

Just a reminder that our Fall Nature Photo Safari and Scavenger Image Hike will take place this Sunday afternoon, Oct. 11,  at 1 pm along the Tyrolean Trail near at the Log Cabin lot. More information on the hike including a trail map and sample photos of all there is to experience along this great trail can be found at Sunday’s weather is expected to be just perfect, and it should also be near peak Fall color, so we hope to see you there for our hike with or without your camera.  Be sure to check out in the below post a few photos of the total lunar eclipse taken during our last event.

2 thoughts on “Nature Photo Safari this Sunday

  1. Good question. Our hike will be along the flat part of the lower Tyrolean Trail as it meanders southward along the creek crossing over several bridges. We won’t be taking the upper more hilly and rugged trail to the west. An optional hike afterward will be to turn north up to the waterfall which does require climbing some elevation. Hope this helps.


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