Winter 2016 Newsletter

Hello Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

The winter weather this weekend encouraged us to finish up our Winter 2016 Innsbrook Nature Group’s newsletter. In this issue you will find information about the Valentine Nature Lover’s Hike on Feb. 14, the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, wildlife habitats and corridors, our favorite woodpeckers, and a new adopt-a-trail program for 2016. You can view the newsletter by visiting

Rich, Kath, & Kyp

Kyp Leading a Winter Hike

Kyp Leading a Winter Hike Along the Lake Konstanz Trail


Lake Alpine Waterfall

Hello IBK Nature Enthusiasts,

The hike along the northern end of the Tyrolean Trail up to the Lake Alpine Spillway Waterfall is very much worth the effort to get there. Here’s a photo of what awaited hikers on New Year’s day 2016.

Lake Alpine Spillway Waterfall

Lake Alpine Spillway Waterfall

With some portions of the trail impassable due to high water, the best way to get to this waterfall is to park down near the cabin (but not at the first parking lot below Alpine Dam), then walk to the bridge over the creek that is just northwest of your location. Take the trail on the west side of the creek (but not the east side which has an impassable water crossing) hiking northward along the creek then up the hill. The trail is definitely slick and muddy, so hike at your own risk with sturdy boots and a walking stick recommended.  You will hear the roar of the waterfall some distance off to guide you. Enjoy!