Astronomy Viewing This Saturday Evening

A reminder to join us for a “Summer Star Party” on Saturday evening, August 6, at the farmhouse field located near the stables. Several local amateur astronomers have kindly agreed to visit Innsbrook to set up their telescopes for an evening of family-friendly education and out-of-this-world entertainment . You are also encouraged to bring your own telescopes, binoculars, lawn chairs, beverages, and of course bug spray!

Saturn nasa photo 2

Nasa Photo of the Planet Saturn

We hope to view the rings of Saturn, polar cap of Mars, craters of the crescent moon, favorite constellations in the summer Milky Way, and the Perseid meteor shower which peaks next week.  If you have been thinking about getting binoculars or a telescope to help your family enjoy the dark skies at Innsbrook, this will be a great opportunity to ask the experts how best to get started or use what you already may have.

Weather permitting, the star-gazing event will be held from 8:30 – 10:30 pm at the farmhouse field off of Innsbrook Drive where the summer concerts were previously held. This location will provide an expansive southwestern sky ideal for viewing Mars and Saturn all evening long, as well as sighting the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury just after the Sun sets.

Come by anytime that evening, including during or after the Summer Breeze Concert, but be sure to visit for last minute news or cancellation in case of bad weather.


One thought on “Astronomy Viewing This Saturday Evening

  1. Thanks to everyone involved in this great opportunity to 9 our granddaughters to the wonders of our Innsbrook sky. Young and old spent a really enjoyable evening together.


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