Fall Social & Hike this Saturday


Konstanz Trail Map Courtesy of Innsbrook Resort

Innsbrook Nature Group organizers Kath & Rich invite you to join us this Saturday, Oct. 22, at 3 pm for an easy hike along the Konstanz Trail. This weekend should be near the peak fall foliage color with temperatures just perfect.  We will conclude the hike with a social event of refreshments, appetizers, and conversation on our home deck overlooking the trail as it crosses the Lake Konstanz dam.

We suggest parking at the Konstanz trail head near the Stracks Church Road gate and then hike either the northern or southern trail sections to lot 2210. For more trail information visit the great trail guide references produced by Innsbrook Resort’s POA at Trail Maps.

For those not hiking, you can meet up with us around 3:30 pm at 2210 N. Konstanz Drive.  Please RSVP to info@ibknature.com.

P.S. We will have a special Halloween treat award for the largest collection of different types of fallen tree leaves from the Konstanz Trail – that is if you can also identify them all! Come prepared to informally talk or ask about any state or national parks that you have visited or hope to in the future.

Innsbrook Nature Group’s Fall Newsletter Now Available

How refreshing to have the cooler Fall season upon us when we can open our windows night and day to inhale the fresh autumn air of rural Missouri. In our Innsbrook Nature Group’s (IBK’ng) Fall 2016 newsletter we hope you find equally invigorating news we share about: when is peak foliage color at IBK, our next hike and social event, going nutty at IBK, the best time to plant wildflower seeds, avoid getting am-bushed on your property, the Great American Eclipse, ask a master naturalist about phenology, why there are more armadillos and bears in Missouri, and much more.

It’s always fun pulling this material together, often with the suggestions and help of our group’s followers and neighbors, as we learn so much in the process. We hope you too discover something of special interest that will help you to enjoy and appreciate all that Innsbrook and Nature has to offer us this Fall season.

To view the newsletter please visit https://ibknature.com/newsletters/fall-2016-newsletter/. Please note that some older browsers and mobile devices may experience problems with this secure link; if they do, try visiting www.ibknature.com then go to the Newsletters menu tab. Send us an email to info@ibknature.com if that still does not work.

If you are new to the Innsbrook Resort, Village of Innsbrook, or Innsbrook Nature Group and wish to receive our seasonal newsletters and occasional announcements, just add your email address to our distribution list by typing it in where prompted near the top of the right-hand side of any page.

See you on the Innsbrook Nature Trails the Fall!