12 Days of Christmas at Innsbrook

On the twelfth day of Christmas at Innsbrook, Mother Nature sent to me:

Photo copyright & courtesy of Craig McConnell

Photo copyright & courtesy of Craig McConnell

12 Deer a prancing…after dining in our yard

11 Dams for sledding…please don’t call security

10 Woodpeckers keep knocking…on our siding

9 Squirrels a snacking…in the bird feeder

8 Fox kits frolicking…until I find the camera

7 Pleiades stars sparkling…thanks to neighbors without outdoor lights

6 Turkeys gobbling…happy that they are not on the menu

5 Trails for hiking…without ticks in the winter

4 Snakes brumating…cozy under my dock

3 Mice a hiding…in the BBQ grill

2 Eagles soaring…over a frozen lake

and a Cardinal in a cedar tree…looking for his mate to share a seed.

And we would not want it any other way!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Kath & Rich for the Innsbrook Nature Group