Innsbrook Nature Winter Newsletter Now Available

The Innsbrook Nature Group has published its Winter 2017 newsletter on our website at In our latest issue you will learn about a lunar eclipse timed perfectly for love birds over Valentine’s weekend, what we like so much about winter hiking, identifying animal tracks in the snow, the next great bird count and dark sky survey, Innsbrook lake water quality reports, what’s new on the nature bookshelf, and 2017 events being planned including the Great American Eclipse. We also have a poll asking how well do you think we as a community overall do with living in harmony with nature.

cropped-img_01641.jpgPlease note that some older browsers and mobile devices may experience problems with the secure link provided above.  If you do, try typing in your browser then go to the Newsletters menu tab.

If you are new to the Innsbrook Resort, Village of Innsbrook, or Innsbrook Nature Group and wish to receive our seasonal newsletters and occasional announcements, just add your email address to our distribution list by typing it in where prompted on the right-hand side of any page under “Follow This Blog”.

Hope to see you out on the trails this winter!

Kath & Rich

2 thoughts on “Innsbrook Nature Winter Newsletter Now Available

  1. Your McFall leadership makes all the difference, Kath & Rich
    Leaders keep us generating inspiration & comraderie.
    Thanks so much


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