Innsbrook Nature Spring Newsletter Now Available

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

The Innsbrook Nature Group has published its Spring 2017 newsletter on our website at In this issue you will find nature news and guest articles on: survey results of how well we live in harmony with nature, Innsbrook’s growing eagle family, a tour of Innsbrook trails, nature photography workshop this June, cougars are now close by in Missouri, bird feeding tips, phenology and climate change, and results from the recent dark sky survey and winter bird count. (If you have trouble viewing this secure page, just go to then to the newsletter menu.)

If you read something of interest or learned something new please share this with your Innsbrook friends and neighbors who may not yet be on our newsletter notification list. They can sign-up by providing their email address where prompted in the top right-hand side field of any website page, including this one. Don’t forget to celebrate Earth Hour (tonight) on Saturday, March 25, at 8:30 pm by turning your lights off for just one hour to enjoy rural darkness.

Naturalized daffodils are popping up all over Innsbrook’s forest floors.

One thought on “Innsbrook Nature Spring Newsletter Now Available

  1. Rich and Kath – thanks again for all you do. We saw our first blue heron of the season on Kitzbuhl last weekend (Mar 19th). We have the little diving ducks on Kitzbuhl this weekend – they seem to come and go, but there are 4 of them and they are fun to watch. Enjoy. Loved the newsletter.


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