Innsbrook Nature Fall News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

In our latest Innsbrook Nature Group “IBK’ng” Newsletter we share: our favorite seasons at IBK, peak autumn colors, solar eclipse photos, what IBK’ers enjoy the most about Nature, the recent Charrette Creek hike and sewage spill, tips for living in harmony with nature, fall mushrooming, favorite nature trails, critter of the season, Japanese Beetles, blue bird results, firewood insects, and time to bless the pets and animals!

An early fall rainbow over Innsbrook’s Lake Konstanz – our piece of heaven and pot of gold!

To view our Fall 2017 Newsletter visit or go to then navigate to the Newsletters menu. Thanks for sharing this link with an IBK neighbor who may not know of our group or newsletter. To print or save a version for reading later on, download this PDF document at Innsbrook Nature Fall 2017 Newsletter.

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Rich & Kath for the Innsbrook Nature Group

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