Innsbrook Nature Winter 2018 News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

As we pull this newsletter together on a wintry afternoon, outside our windows a bald eagle is flying over frozen Lake Konstanz, the lake is strumming and vibrating from the sounds of expanding ice, an opossum is chowing down spilt bird seed under our deck, a brilliant red male cardinal patiently waits to feed his mate at the feeder, and wildlife trails across our back lot are more visible in the snow from the countless deer, red foxes, and other critters with which we share our property.

Our Rather Cute Looking Backyard Opossum

Need we say anything more why experiencing Nature in the winter at Innsbrook is just as magical as it is any other time of the year?  Our great room windows are surely the best widescreen all-weather 24/7 Nature Channel HDTV anyone could imagine!

In this, our 16th quarterly IBK Nature Group (IBK’ng) Newsletter – whew – we share a few winter nature activities to help your family get outside regardless of the weather. Read onward to learn more about: Valentine Hike, Great Backyard Bird Count, Dark Sky Survey, Lunar Eclipse, Natural Events Calendar, Charrette Creek Stream Team Training, Latest IBK Lake Water Reports, Our Dear Deer, and a New Year Wish List for Better Living in Harmony with Nature.

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Rich & Kath for the Innsbrook Nature Group