Valentine Hike Cancelled

Hello Innsbrook Nature Lovers,

While not much ice and snow fell last night, it was enough to make the roads and trails truly dangerous. We were out on them early this morning for Kyp’s walk. While sections of the trail thru the forest are only modestly icy, other sections that use Konstanz Road and can’t be avoided are treacherous.

For that reason we have cancelled the Nature Group hike today and cannot recommend you do it on your own. We personally may still walk a short section north from the Konstanz Trailhead around 1 pm – especially if the sun breaks out early afternoon to melt some of the ice – but we are well prepared with snow shoes, ice Yak Trax for our boots, hiking poles, and have a very short drive to the trailhead.

The bonus is that curling up with your Valentine – both two and four-legged –  in front of a fire on a wintry afternoon at Innsbrook is still hard to beat!

Don’t forget the annual winter bird count is this next week. Read more in our recent newsletter at .

Rich & Kath

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