Innsbrook Nature Spring 2018 News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

Spring has come late to IBK, as has our Spring 2018 Newsletter!  We started writing this on a Sunday evening after one of the most splendid weekends in many months. The daytime temperatures were in the 60’s, the air clean and soft, the winds gentle, humidity just right, the skies ever so blue, and the night sky so crisp that the moon casts shadows of us around the outdoor fire on a cool evening. It rarely gets better than this in Missouri, or anywhere in the Midwest this time of year.

The sights, sounds, and smells of Nature are approaching their peak of the spring season this week at IBK, some 7-10 days later than last year. The wise elder oaks in IBK forests have started to leaf out, towering above white dogwoods and magenta redbud trees that have already peaked in the understory. Wild daffodils which got an early start this year are still plentiful, and it has been a joy to see them spread all over IBK in the past decade. Read more about nature’s timeline in our Nature Group’s Phenology Log here.

In our latest IBK Nature Group newsletter you will learn about: the new Charrette Creek stream team, owl sightings, tips for living in harmony with nature, ring-necked snakes, a nature trail addition, turtles on the move, results of the winter backyard bird count and dark sky survey, beetle invasion, and a favorite guide on our nature bookshelf. We hope you find something that enlarges your appreciation of both Nature and IBK.

View the Spring 2018 newsletter at or if you prefer to read or print it as a document, and take a break from Facebook tracking what you do, download it at Innsbrook Nature Spring 2018 Newsletter. Thanks for sharing this with your IBK neighbors and friends who may not know about our informal nature lov’n group. They can join our newsletter mailing list by providing their email address where prompted on the right hand side near the top of any page. Send us a note to if you have trouble with any of the above.

Kath and Rich for the Innsbrook Nature Group