Bear Safety

Learn how to be bear aware and safe in our area that now has black bears during a community meeting hosted by the Innsbrook Nature Group this Saturday morning, July 28, from 10:30 a.m. – 12 Noon at the Charrette Creek Commons Meeting Room.

Photo of American Black Bear Courtesy MDC

We will spend the first half of our meeting learning about and preparing to live around visiting black bears that have been recently seen in Warren County near Innsbrook. There’s less need to be alarmed or fearful once you learn how to be safe around American Black Bears which inhabit many states and numerous other resort and vacation properties across the USA.

Do you know where Missouri bears originally came from, how big are they, what they eat, where they make their dens, do they really hibernate, what to do and not do if you encounter one, and what practical changes communities often make to avoid incidents?

We’ll answer these questions and more in a presentation using what we have learned from the wildlife experts at the Missouri Dept. of Conservation in a recent Bear Necessities educational class. We will also have a limited number of “Black Bears in Missouri” wildlife guides, published by the MDC, to distribute.

Learn more about our July 28 program at or emailing or calling Rich and Kath at 636-745-0121.


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