Innsbrook Nature Meeting Results

Thanks to over fifty Innsbrook property owners and family members who attended our July 28 meeting on The Bear Necessities of Being Bear Aware, What Happened to Living in Harmony with Nature, and our new Charrette Creek Stream Team. Although many IBK’ers were travelling or on vacation that week we still had a good turnout of Nature Group followers, despite Innsbrook Resort not including our announcement in the Village Views Newsletter.


We have had several requests for the slides we prepared and presented during our meeting. You can download them as a PDF document Innsbrook Nature Meeting July2018 R1 or request them from us by email to


Since our meeting there have been more reports of black bears and bear scat in and around Innsbrook. Our presentation had important safety recommendations from the MDC on what to do and not do when you encounter a bear, as well as what changes that communities as a whole should consider making. We will soon post these separately on a new Bear Aware page at We then hope to encourage Innsbrook Village and Innsbrook Resort to support the education and changes needed in our community to avoid incidents that no one wants to see happen. The most important changes have to do with open trash dumpsters that are a definite problem in bear country. For those of you unable to attend our meeting, we still have a few extra “Black Bears in Missouri” brochures from the MDC that have answers to most of the questions we addressed in our presentation.

We expect everyone who attended can recall the lively and heartfelt discussion we had on Living in Harmony with Nature. It felt affirming, but sad, to learn that so many of us share the concern that our community is losing its original ethos of Living in Harmony with Nature. It’s clear from our discussion that there is no one person, organization, business, event, or decision to blame for this trend as we all share a collective responsibility and burden by our choice to be property owners in rural Missouri. Last week we sent out an email to those who volunteered to help out with what we do next leveraging ideas shared during the meeting. Let us know at if you did not get this email, or wish to be included in this smaller group discussion. We will be hosting a fall social gathering of all those interested to discuss and plan further.

Thanks also to all those who hiked over to the Charrette Creek at the conclusion of our meeting to see firsthand how a Missouri Stream Team like our new one assesses the quality of a stream. It’s great news that this portion of Charrette Creek is looking good so far this year as evidenced by the macro-invertebrates we collected in our July water sampling. One of the questions asked was whether our new monitoring site can be found on the Missouri Stream Team website.  It can be indeed be seen at this location once our monitoring data is accepted and published by the DNR. As the date gets closer to our fall monitoring we will send out a call for volunteers to join us for 1-2 hours of fun splashing about in the creek to find macro-invertebrates.

In our fall Innsbrook Nature Group newsletter we will post the results of our latest Nature Value survey on what property owners enjoy and value the most from experiencing nature at Innsbrook, along with how well they feel the community as a whole is doing in aspiring to live in harmony with nature. If you would like to take part in this survey send us a note at or download it here at Innsbrook Nature Value Survey 2018, print it out, then mail it back to us at the address on the survey.

In closing we feel so fortunate, and yes protective, to have a place like Innsbrook in a Midwest state like Missouri with such an awe-inspiring diversity of landscapes, wildlife, plants, trees, and seasons. We are thankful for all the Innsbrook founders, employees, and property owners who have created a rare community that aspires to live in harmony with nature, as challenging as it may be at times. It is our love of Innsbrook, love of Nature, and love of future generations that continues to motivate us!

Rich & Kath

2 thoughts on “Innsbrook Nature Meeting Results

  1. The lecture that Rich and Kathy put on was excellent. We love IBK and want it to remain a place where we have harmony in nature. When I boarded my horse here for 10 years I would go through the gates to the stable and say as I drove in “ this is close to heaven as I can be”. Bette Sill


  2. I’d been wanting to tell you too what an awesome presentation you made. I SO appreciate the time you took to put it together for us. You are both truly stewards for Nature in general and definitely committed to IBK! I was definitely shocked to learn we were not Audubon certified anymore but not totally surprised I guess. We had a beautiful prairie across from our chalet when we bought in 2008. Soon thereafter the topsoil was scraped for the dam for Sonnenalp. We were told they’d re-seed. I guess it failed, it’s a field of lespedeza and not the field of yellow that literally glowed when it was in bloom. Obviously, our lake Sonnenblick would have needed dirt to build our dam. That dirt has to come from somewhere. But to not restore an area to it’s original condition is very disheartening. That said, we are still out there and can’t wait to get there every (not quite!) weekend. Keep up the good work! I’ll come to anything you plan!!


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