Innsbrook Nature Fall 2018 News

If you love Innsbrook, Nature, and Missouri outdoors this past weekend, the first of fall, was just splendid. For many IBKers the fall season is their favorite to experience Nature. IBK trails through forests are full of families, pets, individuals, and of course plentiful wildlife viewing opportunities. There’s good reason that scientists have documented a walk in the woods – or “forest bathing” as it now often called – is good for the body, mind, and spirit. We remain ever so thankful to the founders of Innsbrook who had the vision to create a retreat in rural Missouri with an ethos to live in harmony with nature, of which we are protective.

MDC Photo of American Black Bear

In our new Fall 2018 IBK Nature Group (ING) newsletter you will find information about the Sept. 29 Bear Aware program, wildlife sightings, deer populations, nature survey results, noise pollution, oversized UTVs, Charrette Creek monitoring, lake water levels, tick diseases, fall colors, and results from our summer program on living in harmony with nature.  Read it now at You can also download it and print to read later or share the newsletter in PDF form HERE or by contacting us at

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Don’t forget the Bear Safety Awareness program presented by a Missouri Dept. of Conservation wildlife educator is this Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the Innsbrook Village Hall on Highway F. Hope to see you there!

Rich & Kath