Protect Innsbrook’s Peace, Quiet and Property Values

In the Innsbrook Nature Group’s Fall 2018 Newsletter we referenced a new shooting range operating in Warren County just west of Innsbrook. In my personal assessment from having attended recent Warren County P&Z meetings, it seems more like a live-action bootcamp to provide combat-style weapons training to those who may seek a career in the military or law enforcement.

While that training may be an admirable mission, it has no place here in a rapidly growing semi-rural community, next door to a resort like Innsbrook, where people have invested in property to escape the noise pollution and increasing gun violence of urban areas. It’s no surprise that in our nature group surveys, enjoying nature in silence and quiet is ranked at the top. We already suffer from noise pollution coming from an existing shooting range just west of Innsbrook in Reifsnider State Forest. In addition to safety issues and noise pollution, we are equally concerned about environmental pollution from the toxic waste that will created from the use of lead ammunition.

On Tuesday, Innsbrook Resort launched an online petition to gather up support opposing the permit that has now been granted to the operators. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to join us by adding your name and comment to a growing list of over 1,000 neighbors inside and outside of Innsbrook opposed to this operation. Here’s the link at

Next, take a moment to thank Charlie Boyce at for taking the lead in protecting Innsbrook and our natural environment. When you do request that Innsbrook Resort follows through by filing a formal protest appeal before next Tuesday with the Warren County Commissioners urging them to rescind the P&Z permit. If this appeal does not get filed in time, our petition and all the comments may never be considered.

You can also voice your opinion directly with the Warren County Planning & Zoning Commission at 636-456-3044 or by contacting the Village of Innsbrook at to ask that they collect and relay the concerns of Village residents to Warren County officeholders.

Finally, be sure to get outside this weekend at Innsbrook as we are now near peak fall foliage colors!

Autumn Leaves Photo Courtesy and Copyright of Cindy Bowers


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