Twelve Days of Christmas Critters at Innsbrook

Back by “wild” demand….

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas at Innsbrook, Mother Nature sent to me

12 Deer prancing…after dining on our wildlife too-friendly landscaping

11 Geese honking….on our beach taunting Kyp the Border Collie

10 Woodpeckers knocking…on our chimney top sounding like Santa

9 Squirrels snacking…in the bird feeder thanking Wild Birds Unlimited for choice plus seed

8 Fox kits frolicking…until I find where I left the camera

7 Armadillos jumping…in front of an oncoming UTV, ouch

6 Turkeys gobbling…happy that they are not on the menu

5 Owls hooting….at holiday hikers below that look well fed

4 Snakes brumating…curled up and cozy under the dock

3 Mice hiding…under the BBQ hood hoping it’s too cold to grill

2 Eagles soaring…over a frozen lake with such majesty

1 Bear hibernating…somewhere under a chalet dreaming of our lake’s paddlefish caviar

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all your wild neighbors that make Innsbrook so rare and special to experience by Living in Harmony with Nature.