Activities in Nature at Innsbrook

We are fortunate at Innsbrook to have so many pleasurable activities to enjoy all the Nature which surrounds us. Here’s a summary of these activities with reference to useful resources as well as to other property owners interested in meeting-up to enjoy or form a new club. If you don’t see your favorite outdoor activity in Nature send a note to and we will be sure to add it. If you have expertise to share with our community please let us know so we can show your name as a resource. A list of all Innsbrook Community Groups and Clubs can be found at

Adopt-a-Highway – The Village of Innsbrook and Innsbrook Property Owners Association hosts a monthly trash clean-up along Highway F and Stracks Church Road one Saturday morning a month during much of the year. Check out the weekly Village Views Newsletter at for dates and times.

Adopt-a-Trail – The Innsbrook Nature Club is organizing volunteers to monitor our trails by walking them once a season to pick up any trash, look for invasive species or fallen trees across the trail, and take photos for our website.

Astronomy, Star Gazing, and Star Parties – For those interested in forming an astronomy group or organizing a summer star party at Innsbrook, please contact Rich McFall at info@ibknature. We are also working to educate residents about preserving our dark skies through the more mindful use of outdoor lighting.

Audubon Conservation Community – The Innsbrook Resort was one of the first rural resort business communities to be certified as a cooperative sanctuary by Audubon International. For more information visit or contact Innsbrook Horticulturist Keith Thompson at

Beaches, Lake Swimming, and Playing in the Sand  – Innsbrook offers dozens of safe sandy beaches for property owners to enjoy. Visit for more information on how to have fun by allowing others to do the same.

Biking for Fun & Relaxation – The roads inside Innsbrook make for fun if not challenging recreational bike rides for all ages and levels of fitness. Let us know if you would like to meet up with a group on Saturday or Sunday mornings as has occasionally been done over the years at Innsbrook.

Bird Watching – Most bird watchers at Innsbrook have a copy of “Birds of Missouri Field Guide” by Stan Tekiela, This field guide is a great help as it contains only birds from Missouri and has the birds arranged by color.

Bluebird Monitoring –There are more than 80 nest boxes all around IBK.  A group of volunteers monitors the nesting activity and results are reported weekly during the season.  If you have a nest on your property that you’d like included in the weekly report, or to adopt some houses of your own, please contact Shirley Ritsema at

Camp Innsbrook & Workshops – These are always favorite activities for kids organized each summer by the Innsbrook POA. More information at

Dock Yoga and Meditation – Waterfront docks are a great place to practice yoga, meditation or simple stretching exercises. This is especially so early in the morning at Innsbrook when all of nature looks refreshed for another day. You can also spot quite different wildlife and fish that are out on land and in the water at this time of day.

Fishing Club – Visit or email for information about the new Innsbrook Fishing Club and all their activities for local anglers.

Garden Club – Information on the very active Village of Innsbrook Garden Club can be found by visiting their website at which has many useful references for nature lovers including deer resistant landscaping.

Gardening – The Innsbrook Owners Association offers over 50 community garden plots that are available each season to grow your own organic produce and flowers.

Geocaching – Innsbrook geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game on the Tyrolean Trail using GPS-enabled devices. More to follow soon on this activity.

Guided Nature Hikes – For those new to hiking or who just want the fun company of a group, the Innsbrook POA offers nature hikes guided by a Missouri Master Naturalist several times each season.

Hiking Trails -Innsbrook has 7 official trails, and many unofficial paths, for our enjoyment.  They range from more challenging to easy strolls that you can do with young children.  This is a great way to see wildflowers, trees and birds. Here’s a link to trail descriptions and maps

Historical Society – Each year the Innsbrook Historical Society, a 501c-3 non-profit.  offers a number of outdooe events like porch concerts and story-telling down by the Log Cabin which they have lovingly refurbished.  Here’s a link to the cabin story and their activities at

Horseback Riding – It’s fun to experience Innsbrook’s equestrian trails by horseback.  The stables offer activities like a Camp Innsbrook Horse Camp, trail rides, and hay rides.  The horses (and their barn buddies) are always glad for a visit!  See

Innsbrook Nature Group – That’s us at We also have the and .org domain names reserved just in case you forget the abbreviation.

Kayaking & Canoeing – Innsbrook is pure paradise for enjoying water recreation that is low impact and environmentally friendly, unlike some other Midwestern lakes where you often fear for your safety due to all the large, loud, foul smelling power boats.

Kids in Nature – Innsbrook is a magical place for kids to fall in love with nature. Visit for more information.

Lake Water Monitoring – Each year over a dozen volunteers take to the water by boat to monitor water quality of over 10 Innsbrook Lakes by participating in the statewide Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program. Contact Innsbrook’s Property Owners Association staff member and lakes manager Jeff Yegge.

Meditating in Nature – Focus your awareness on the experience of nature: sight, sound, touch, smell (and perhaps even taste).  These experiences wake something up inside of us, and help to set our lives into a more natural rhythm. Nature lovers have discovered this secret without ever studying meditation!

Model Sailboat Racing – The Armchair Sailing Society races radio controlled model sailboats on Monday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon at Fireworks Point Beach on Lake Aspen. They have a spare boat if you’d like to give it a try, or just come and watch. For more information, contact Bob Goulding at

Mushroom Hunting – Mushrooms draw their energy from living or dead organic matter, instead of sunlight.  Our forests contain many varieties.  Identification is very important, especially if you intend to eat them.  Use the “Pocket Naturalist Guide to Mushrooms” by Kavanagh.

Music and Concerts Under the Stars – Innsbrook’s Summer Breeze and Innsbrook Institute concerts are a great way to enjoy live music and nature at the same time.  Here’s a listing of this season’s concerts: While listening to Earthly music we like watching the heavenly constellations, shooting stars, satellites, and even the international space station passing overhead on rare occasions.

Native Landscaping – Sometimes I think I enjoy watching the deer eat my hostas more than I enjoy the hostas themselves.  That being said, here’s a list of great native plants that are less appetizing to our fellow mammals at IBK.

Nature Reading List & Book Club – We will soon be adding a Midwest Nature reading list page to our website with the help of a few of our group’s members. If you have suggestions or want to meet-up occasionally for sharing best reads, please let us know.

Nature Journaling – You don’t need to be a great artist or poet to keep a nature journal.  Phenology is the study of plant and animal life cycle events.  Keep track from year to year of things such as the date of emergence of dogwood flowers and mayapples, the first flight of butterflies and the first appearance of migratory birds, the date the maple leaves turn red, or when the first bluebirds start their nests. You can visit our own journal at

Nature Photography – This Fall we will be offering a nature photography workshop to help all those who think Innsbrook is perfect for practicing this hobby. Check back for more information.

100 Ways to Enjoy Innsbrook – the Innsbrook Property Owners Association has a great list of 100 ways to enjoy Innsbrook, with most of them in the great outdoors, at

Pets in Nature – The Lachenhund Dog Park just off of North Konstanz Drive provides a safe fenced area for your pet to enjoy the outdoors while romping, sniffing, and playing with their own kind. Hiking with your pet on roads or trails is also popular, but remember to keep them on a leash as the allure of so much wildlife is often too strong to resist for even the most obedient pets to obey.

Plein Air Painting – Innsbrook is home to several outstanding amateur and professional artists. A few of them got started in their new outdoor hobby some years ago when master artist Billy O’Donnell led a Plein Air painting class at Innsbrook.

Sailing – The “Lake Wanderfern Yacht Club” is fun to watch or belong to for sharing experience between sailors of all skill levels and boat types. Watch all the activity most summer weekend afternoons at Cedarpass Beach just off of East Wanderfern Circle Drive.

Stray Pet and Wildlife Rescue – Sadly we find stray, lost, and abandoned pets within Innsbrook many times during each year. Due to a donation by an property owner, Innsbrook security now has a chip scanner to help find the lost pet’s owner. Unfortunately, there is no county-wide animal rescue organization in Warren County, so volunteers at the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) of Warren County are the next best thing for the immediate future. If you would like to help with efforts to establish a pet rescue center please contact Innsbrook residents Tracy Sator or Bob Dowdle . For injured wildlife the best advice is to leave the injured animal be as the nearest wildlife rescue group is the Missouri Wildlife Rescue organization in St. Louis County at

Stream Team – Several Warren County streams and creeks flow through Innsbrook that provide the clean waters which we enjoy in our ponds and lakes. The most important is the Charrette Creek which runs through the property from Lake Aspen into the Tyrol Valley and eventually emptying into the Missouri River near Marthasville. We are seeking a volunteer to organize a Missouri Stream Team with an annual inspection and clean up along sections of this important creek, as has been performed in past years.

UltraMax Triathalon Contestant or Volunteer – Innsbrook is the site of a HalfMax, QuarterMax and OctoMax triathalon most years.  Here’s a link to register to volunteer or race.

Walking, Jogging, and Running – The roads and trails of Innsbrook are ideal for this activity.  There’s minimal traffic and it’s going a relaxing 23 MPH!  Use your GPS to track your distance and elevation changes as you run.  Don’t be ashamed if you can’t charge up the hills running, as they can help to condition your body even when walking!

Wildflower Spotting – The Meadows Trail is one of many spots to see a great variety of colorful wildflowers.  You can help Monarch Butterflies by planting Milkweed  (Genus Asclepias).  Here’s a list of so many flowers and plants that have been spotted at Innsbrook .

Wildlife Watching – Who needs to visit a zoo when hundreds of wildlife species live right in our midst! You can download a wildlife spotting checklist prepared by Innsbrook’s Horticulture Department at .