Innsbrook Nature Fall News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

In our latest Innsbrook Nature Group “IBK’ng” Newsletter we share: our favorite seasons at IBK, peak autumn colors, solar eclipse photos, what IBK’ers enjoy the most about Nature, the recent Charrette Creek hike and sewage spill, tips for living in harmony with nature, fall mushrooming, favorite nature trails, critter of the season, Japanese Beetles, blue bird results, firewood insects, and time to bless the pets and animals!

An early fall rainbow over Innsbrook’s Lake Konstanz – our piece of heaven and pot of gold!

To view our Fall 2017 Newsletter visit or go to then navigate to the Newsletters menu. Thanks for sharing this link with an IBK neighbor who may not know of our group or newsletter. To print or save a version for reading later on, download this PDF document at Innsbrook Nature Fall 2017 Newsletter.

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Rich & Kath for the Innsbrook Nature Group

Innsbrook FestEclipse

Hello Innsbrook Neighbors and Lovers of Nature Above, Below, and All Around Us,

Thanks to the several hundred who attended as well as all those who helped to make the Innsbrook Nature Group’s FestEclipse Watch Party ( this past Monday at Charrette Creek Commons such a fun once-in-a-lifetime event. Wow, what a sight it was to see the corona sparkle so brilliantly during totality. Here’s a few of our favorite photos from the afternoon in slide show format. If you have trouble viewing these photos just visit the Nature News or Gallery Photo pages our website at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For all who completed our survey that afternoon on what you enjoy and value the most about experiencing Nature at Innsbrook, we will be sharing the results in our Fall Nature Group Newsletter coming out later next month.  Until then, we had several requests for the recipe of our Blackout Punch we served to celebrate the event and which we can share now: 1 part each of Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Ale, Spiced Rum, and then add Grenadine until it turns into your favorite sunset color!

Rich & Kath for the IBK’ng

Innsbrook Eclipse Viewing Party

Hello Innsbrook Neighbors,

We are now less than two weeks from a nature event of a lifetime: a rare total solar eclipse whose narrow path will pass right through Innsbrook on Monday, August 21. The Innsbrook Nature Group (IBK’ng), with the kind help of the property owners association, has organized a FestEclipse viewing party that is open and free to all property owners and registered guests to be held at the Charrette Creek Commons starting at 11:00 am.

Photo Courtesy NASA

We have also published the Innsbrook Guide to the Great American Eclipse on our website under the Events menu at On this page you will find:

  • Schedule for the day
  • What to bring and where to set up
  • Safety cautions and where to find glasses
  • Maps showing where in Missouri the eclipse will be total
  • What to expect during the eclipse
  • Resources and tips for photographers
  • References to learn more about the science of the eclipse
  • Recommended reading list
  • Eclipse trivia and soundtracks to the Sun
  • An RSVP form to help us plan

With so much information you can also save and print this website page out as a PDF document by downloading it at: IBK Nature Solar Eclipse Info v3.

Note that the party will go one regardless of the weather as we will be live streaming NASA TV as it shows the eclipse moving across the country at over 1,600 mph.

This is a property owner run event, so if you can help volunteer with the fun before or during, please let us know by sending us an email to

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Rich McFall & Kath Kremer for the Innsbrook Nature Group

Nature Stream Hike July 29

News About Meadows Trail Hike & Charrette Creek Monitoring 

All are welcomed to join us at 10 am this Saturday morning, July 29, for a guided nature hike on the Meadows Trail as it meanders alongside the Charrette Creek just downstream of Lake Aspen.  Missouri Master Naturalists and Missouri Stream Team Volunteers Allison Volk and Leslie Limberg will guide us as we learn about local stream health, lake watershed protection, the impact of pollutants on macroinvertebrates, and how algae blooms happen. We will pause at several locations along the 1 mile hike with an option to step into the shallow waters of Charrette Creek for a closer look.

The Charrette Creek flows alongside the Meadows Trail

Of considerable timely importance is that we will learn how citizens can monitor the health of a stream like Charrette Creek which is recovering from an accidental sewage spill and fish kill that sadly occurred at Innsbrook over the July 4 holiday week. More information was reported in our local newspaper at Warren County News. We expect to share the latest test results from the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources and previously asked that Innsbrook Resort keep us informed as well.

During the hike we will hear what’s involved with creating a Volunteer Stream Team within the Village of Innsbrook to supplement the work of our Lakes of Missouri Monitoring volunteers. Consider bringing a student in the family who would like to participate in an earth sciences project for extra credit or add an eco-volunteer activity to their college application.

We will meet at the Meadows Trail Head along Meadow Valley Drive at 10 am. We suggest that you bring water, bug spray, a hat, camera, and wear hiking shoes, boots, or water sandals. A hiking stick is also recommended. The hike will take about 1.5 hours. There will be 2-3 strictly optional opportunities to step into Charrette Creek, but in water only ankle deep. Most of the hike will be on ground and in the shade, except for the walk at the end back along Meadow Valley Drive to the trail head, unless you return the way you came.

As this event is not an Innsbrook Resort sponsored hike, and we are an informal group of nature loving property owners, the decision to hike in hot weather and navigate any hazards along the trail or in the stream is at your discretion and responsibility. For questions please email or visit the Innsbrook Resort website page on the Meadows Trail at Hope to see you there!

Innsbrook Nature Summer News

In the Summer 2017 Innsbrook Nature Newsletter learn about: our plans to celebrate the Great American Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21, a guided “wet” hike along the Meadows Trail on July 29, updates on our bald eagle and red fox families, fireworks and the environment, the new Missouri Birding Trail, tips for living in harmony with nature, warmer climates and ticks, certified wildlife communities, results from the latest nature appreciation survey, and much more!

To view the IBK Nature Group’s latest newsletter go to or visit then navigate to the newsletters menu.

Path of the Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse Goes Thru Innsbrook!

The Diamond Ring Eclipse We Can Expect to See

More information on the Total Solar Eclipse and our festeclipse watch party plans can be found at


Nature Photography Workshop this Saturday Morning

Reminder of the Innsbrook Nature & Wildlife Photography Workshop this Saturday, June 3, at 10:30 am

The first Innsbrook Nature Group Chautauqua event for the summer will be held on Saturday, June 3, from 10:30 am – 12 noon at the Charrette Creek Commons meeting room. We are excited to host a visit by Gary Hesse who is a professional photographer that teaches nature photography classes at Meramec Community College. Gary will present a fast-paced program of tips and tricks for getting those special nature photographs of landscapes and wildlife. Bring your camera and questions.

Photo of IBK Fox Kits by Cindy Bowers


We also invite our own Innsbrook photo enthusiasts to join us and share what they have learned practicing their hobby in such a perfect setting. Just how did Cindy Bowers get these young fox kits to look right at the camera without running away?



If you need more inspiration to sharpen your camera skills, then view some of these amazing photos of Innsbrook’s very own Bald Eagle family taken by Innbrook Nature Group (IBK’ng) followers at And how big of a lens, or tall of a ladder, did Allison Volk need to get those photographs of eagle chicks in their nest?

The event from 10:30 am to 12 noon is free and open to all. At 1 pm, after an on-your-own lunch break and weather permitting, there will be an optional photo expedition along an Innsbrook nature trail for those who desire additional hands-on instruction directly from our guest instructor and resident experts.

Hope to see you there!