Valentine Hike Cancelled

Hello Innsbrook Nature Lovers,

While not much ice and snow fell last night, it was enough to make the roads and trails truly dangerous. We were out on them early this morning for Kyp’s walk. While sections of the trail thru the forest are only modestly icy, other sections that use Konstanz Road and can’t be avoided are treacherous.

For that reason we have cancelled the Nature Group hike today and cannot recommend you do it on your own. We personally may still walk a short section north from the Konstanz Trailhead around 1 pm – especially if the sun breaks out early afternoon to melt some of the ice – but we are well prepared with snow shoes, ice Yak Trax for our boots, hiking poles, and have a very short drive to the trailhead.

The bonus is that curling up with your Valentine – both two and four-legged –  in front of a fire on a wintry afternoon at Innsbrook is still hard to beat!

Don’t forget the annual winter bird count is this next week. Read more in our recent newsletter at .

Rich & Kath

Valentine Nature Lover’s Hike 2018

Take a Valentine Nature Lover’s Hike this Sunday 


Take Our Survey on Why You Love Nature at Innsbrook! 

Show your love of Nature – and work off that big Valentine date meal – by joining us for a small group winter hike this Sunday, February 11, at 1 pm. We plan to meet at the Lake Konstanz trailhead and head off to the north for a counterclockwise trip around the 1.8 mile trail.  This hike takes about an hour with a good pace as it passes through a pine forest that is magical in the winter snow, then crosses the Lake Konstanz Dam overlooking Lake Alpine where bald eagles are often sighted, and finally through relatively undisturbed forests that much wildlife calls home.

The Lake Konstanz trailhead is located near the Stracks Church Road exit with ample parking around the mailboxes. Learn more about this trail, along with a map, on the Innsbrook Resort’s website at Konstanz Trail.

Valentine Nature Lovers Hike 2015

We chose this particular trail because the winter weather forecasted this week may make trails located off icy gravel roads more difficult to access. If Konstanz Trail becomes too snowy or icy in spots, there are several locations to bail out and walk back to your vehicles on a paved road. Remember that there’s no shame in enjoying just the first half of the hike on relatively flat ground, then returning to your warm car!

Please dress appropriately for winter weather and bring your own water as it is easy to become dehydrated in the dry cold winter as is in the hot summer. A hiking pole or sturdy stick is recommended. We’ll bring the Valentine sweet treats and hot chocolate!

Your four-legged hiking companions are welcomed if they are socialized with groups, including other dogs, and of course are kept on a leash.

Winter 2016 Hike Overlooking Frozen Lakes

Just a reminder that this is not an Innsbrook Resort sponsored event nor are we a formal club, so the decision to participate is at your level of comfort. In case of severe winter weather the group hike may be cancelled so check back here for the latest news.

Can’t make the hike? Then just tell us why you love experiencing Nature at Innsbrook. Leave a note in the comment field below or send us an email to We’ll share the results in our Spring newsletter.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Rich & Kath

Innsbrook Nature Winter 2018 News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

As we pull this newsletter together on a wintry afternoon, outside our windows a bald eagle is flying over frozen Lake Konstanz, the lake is strumming and vibrating from the sounds of expanding ice, an opossum is chowing down spilt bird seed under our deck, a brilliant red male cardinal patiently waits to feed his mate at the feeder, and wildlife trails across our back lot are more visible in the snow from the countless deer, red foxes, and other critters with which we share our property.

Our Rather Cute Looking Backyard Opossum

Need we say anything more why experiencing Nature in the winter at Innsbrook is just as magical as it is any other time of the year?  Our great room windows are surely the best widescreen all-weather 24/7 Nature Channel HDTV anyone could imagine!

In this, our 16th quarterly IBK Nature Group (IBK’ng) Newsletter – whew – we share a few winter nature activities to help your family get outside regardless of the weather. Read onward to learn more about: Valentine Hike, Great Backyard Bird Count, Dark Sky Survey, Lunar Eclipse, Natural Events Calendar, Charrette Creek Stream Team Training, Latest IBK Lake Water Reports, Our Dear Deer, and a New Year Wish List for Better Living in Harmony with Nature.

View the newsletter now at Or if you prefer to save and view this newsletter as a PDF file for printing out to read later, please download it at Innsbrook Nature Winter 2018 Newsletter.

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Rich & Kath for the Innsbrook Nature Group

Innsbrook Nature Fall News

Dear Innsbrook Nature Enthusiasts,

In our latest Innsbrook Nature Group “IBK’ng” Newsletter we share: our favorite seasons at IBK, peak autumn colors, solar eclipse photos, what IBK’ers enjoy the most about Nature, the recent Charrette Creek hike and sewage spill, tips for living in harmony with nature, fall mushrooming, favorite nature trails, critter of the season, Japanese Beetles, blue bird results, firewood insects, and time to bless the pets and animals!

An early fall rainbow over Innsbrook’s Lake Konstanz – our piece of heaven and pot of gold!

To view our Fall 2017 Newsletter visit or go to then navigate to the Newsletters menu. Thanks for sharing this link with an IBK neighbor who may not know of our group or newsletter. To print or save a version for reading later on, download this PDF document at Innsbrook Nature Fall 2017 Newsletter.

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Rich & Kath for the Innsbrook Nature Group

Innsbrook FestEclipse

Hello Innsbrook Neighbors and Lovers of Nature Above, Below, and All Around Us,

Thanks to the several hundred who attended as well as all those who helped to make the Innsbrook Nature Group’s FestEclipse Watch Party ( this past Monday at Charrette Creek Commons such a fun once-in-a-lifetime event. Wow, what a sight it was to see the corona sparkle so brilliantly during totality. Here’s a few of our favorite photos from the afternoon in slide show format. If you have trouble viewing these photos just visit the Nature News or Gallery Photo pages our website at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For all who completed our survey that afternoon on what you enjoy and value the most about experiencing Nature at Innsbrook, we will be sharing the results in our Fall Nature Group Newsletter coming out later next month.  Until then, we had several requests for the recipe of our Blackout Punch we served to celebrate the event and which we can share now: 1 part each of Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Ale, Spiced Rum, and then add Grenadine until it turns into your favorite sunset color!

Rich & Kath for the IBK’ng

Innsbrook Eclipse Viewing Party

Hello Innsbrook Neighbors,

We are now less than two weeks from a nature event of a lifetime: a rare total solar eclipse whose narrow path will pass right through Innsbrook on Monday, August 21. The Innsbrook Nature Group (IBK’ng), with the kind help of the property owners association, has organized a FestEclipse viewing party that is open and free to all property owners and registered guests to be held at the Charrette Creek Commons starting at 11:00 am.

Photo Courtesy NASA

We have also published the Innsbrook Guide to the Great American Eclipse on our website under the Events menu at On this page you will find:

  • Schedule for the day
  • What to bring and where to set up
  • Safety cautions and where to find glasses
  • Maps showing where in Missouri the eclipse will be total
  • What to expect during the eclipse
  • Resources and tips for photographers
  • References to learn more about the science of the eclipse
  • Recommended reading list
  • Eclipse trivia and soundtracks to the Sun
  • An RSVP form to help us plan

With so much information you can also save and print this website page out as a PDF document by downloading it at: IBK Nature Solar Eclipse Info v3.

Note that the party will go one regardless of the weather as we will be live streaming NASA TV as it shows the eclipse moving across the country at over 1,600 mph.

This is a property owner run event, so if you can help volunteer with the fun before or during, please let us know by sending us an email to

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