Fall Nature Photo Safari 2015

Fall Nature Photo Safari and Scavenger Image Hunt – October 11

Join the Innsbrook Nature Group – the IBK’ng – for a Fall Nature Photo Safari and Scavenger Image Hunt at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon, October 11. We will meet at the Log Cabin lot below Alpine Dam for a 1-2 hour self-guided hike on the Tyrolean Trail as it meanders alongside Charrette Creek.  This trail is surely one of the most diverse, beautiful, and rewarding trails inside Innsbrook. Note that our start is not at the lot and trailhead just below the dam but is further down the gravel road near the log cabin. We will be taking the lower flat trail to the south which follows and crosses over the creek several times, but not the more rugged trail section to the west that climbs up into the hills. The short hike northward up to the waterfall, which can be more challenging and rewarding, is optional.

Tyrolean Trail Map

Map courtesy of Innsbrook Property Owners Association.

Bring your camera as this weekend should be near peak fall color in the most beautiful valley of Innsbrook and coincides with the annual property owners photo contest. For those who wish to join in on the fun we will have a list with hints for finding the most unique natural images to photograph along the Tyrolean Trail. As we get started, Innsbrook resident Cindy Bowers will share a few hints with us for capturing great photos in the outdoors. Other expert photographers are very much invited to share their tips as well.

Refreshments and treats provided. Long pants, hats, hiking shoes/boots, bug spray, and water for the trail are recommended. Hiking poles or sticks are a good idea if you take the more difficult trail up to the waterfall. Cancelled only if precipitation is falling at 1 pm. Participation is at your own discretion and risk as this is not an official event of the Innsbrook Resort or Innsbrook Property Owners Association.

Here’s a image courtesy of IBK hiker Charlie Phillips of our actual hike using GPS data shown on an aerial map:

Oct 11 hike

Here are a few photos of what we can expect top see along the Tyrolean Trail, minus all the colors of turning leaves from just this past week.

Leaf dams are all along Charrette Creek this time of the year.


The leaves and berries of Invasive Bush Honeysuckle are most visible.


A standing wood branch resembles a cobra snake.


Black Locust tree seed pods look like snakes crawling along the trail.


Prickly vines snag off a hiker’s cap, but thankfully not their scalp.


Dozens of hay bales awaiting transport to farms and stables.


A huge happy bumble bee hides under the leaf of a chicory plant.


Bunches of Black Eyed Susans can be found all along the trail.


A giant stately sycamore tree that is a few hundred years old is just off the trail. See how tall it is compared to the hiker and dog to the left of its base!


Wild grape vines create forest spaghetti.


A festival of fall forest fungi.



We think these are Calico Aster flowers.


Fluorescent rocks growing out of the creek.


The stepping stone bridge, aka wet ankles crossing, leads to an overgrown back-trail up to the waterfall.


The waterfall below Alpine Dam awaits for those who make the journey up the narrow and slippery path.


Gnarly tree trunk with the outline of a face with a very protruding chin.


The limbo dance practice station.


A cave providing habitat for critters unseen.


Innsbrook’s very own nature grotto.


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