Summer Meeting July 28 2018

A Program on the Bear Necessities of Living Close to Black Bears, Living in Harmony with Nature at Innsbrook, and Preserving the Water Quality of Innsbrook Streams

The Innsbrook Nature Group invites all property owners, families,  and guests to join us on Saturday morning, July 28 from 10:30 a.m. – 12 Noon at the Charrette Creek Commons Meeting Room.

A Black Bear specimen that we learned from during our MDC Bear Necessities training

We will spend the first part of our community meeting learning about and preparing to live with black bears that have been seen near Innsbrook in Warren County as shared in our recent Nature News post.  Do you know where Missouri bears originally came from, what they eat, where they make their dens, what to do and not do if you encounter one, and what changes communities often make to avoid incidents? We’ll answer these questions and more using what we have learned from the wildlife experts at the Missouri Dept. of Conservation in a recent Bear Necessities educational class.

Next we will follow-up the timely topic of our Summer 2018 Newsletter to discuss what does “living in harmony with nature” (LHN) mean to our community. Should the vision of LHN be important to Innsbrook as we continue to grow and expand? How well are we doing and are there justifiable reasons to be worried that we are losing the LHN ethos? We will ask all to share their experience with LHN including tips, challenges, concerns, and suggestions. We hope to create a set of questions, comments, and recommended LHN guidelines for further discussion and action within the community.

Charrette Creek as it flows through Innsbrook is important to our wildlife and lake water quality

At the close of the meeting we will take a short optional hike over to the Charrette Creek monitoring site for our new Missouri Stream Team. Here we will demonstrate the many elements that make up a healthy stream and the lakes that it feeds. This includes the watershed land use, riparian cover, stream bank habitats, composition of the stream bed bottom, water quality and presence of macro-invertebrates. Read more about our new stream team in the Spring Newsletter.

We hope to see anyone and everyone attend who care about preserving the great many natural assets that the founders of Innsbrook provided for us to enjoy. If you can’t make our meeting, but have questions, comments or suggestions to enter into the discussion, please leave them below in our comment field or email them to You can leave your name or be anonymous as you prefer.

For additional information visit for more info or call 636.745.0121. To share this with neighbors and friends send them this link,