This section of our website is still being built out to serve the community as a comprehensive nature photo gallery curated by subject matter. In the interim, if you have nature photos to share please email them to and we will be sure to give you credit for the contribution to our community website.

For now, please visit the following pages for our current collection of nature photos. Special thanks and photo credits go to Cindy Bowers for organizing and narrating most of these pages.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Innsbrook Eagles

Wonderland of Wildlife

Fauna of Innsbrook

Native Plants of Innsbrook

Trees of Innsbrook

Flowering Trees & Shrubs

Beautiful Insects

Waterfalls & Whitewater

Enchanting Hummingbirds

Everyday Celebrations in Nature

The featured photo for August 2015 is from Cynthia Bowers who captured the otherly-world rough bark of a Hackberry tree along the Meadows Trail.

Hackberry tree bark

Our featured photo for July 2015 is from Cynthia Bowers of a winged visitor to IBK.

Butterfly 1 (Bowers 2461)

For June 2015 here’s one of our favorite trees along an IBK trail with a trunk showing its crooked face of eyes, chin, and mouth watching over hikers.


Courtesy of avid hiker Charlie Phillips, here’s a snapshot of his Google Earth map showing the Tyrolean Valley trek taken by hikers during the first naturalist-led group hike on Earth Day.

hike 4-26-2015-google-earth

For May 2015 here’s a photo taken along the Tyrolean trail below the Alpine dam. Thank you IBK Resort for creating such a great network of trails!


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