Fauna of Innsbrook

Throughout Innsbrook, there is an outstanding diversity of animal life which thrives in our low human-population density community.  Residents and visitors are greeted everyday by wide array of native plants and animals.

Summer 2014-7620

Whitetail Deer are most active in the early morning and at dusk. They are year around residents of Innsbrook.


Squirrels feast on acorns as well as any bird seed within reach!

The natural surroundings entice animals to make Innsbrook their homes.  There have been documented sightings of fox and bobcat.  Some residents share stories of cougars and bears although no one has captured any photographs, yet.  Bald Eagles are year around residents of Innsbrook as are many other water birds.  The lakes are stocked with bass, carp, sunfish, catfish and paddlefish.


Trumpet Swans are example of migratory birds who make Innsbrook for only a few days every January.


Green Heron on summer residents and hunt along the lake shoreline.


American Bald Eagles are year around residents at Innsbrook.

Raccoon 3

Raccoon are plentiful through Innsbrook. They thrive on any food left outside including bird feeders within reach.

Slow motion of Blue Heron in flight.

Slow motion picture of a Great Blue Heron in flight.