Enchanting Hummingbirds

Summer 2014-8400

Happy Hummingbird by Cynthia Bowers

Few birds bring as much excitement as hummingbirds.  Watch for only a moment to see acrobatic flair as the hummingbird hovers in the air almost defying gravity.  Another moment later see a dominate hummingbird aggressively defend its claim of a feeder.  Hummingbirds migrate to Innsbrook every spring.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) advises late April is the best time

to hang those hummingbird feeders!

According to MDC, a mixture of sugar and water — four parts water to one part sugar — makes a good nectar. Because most hummingbird feeders are red, there is no need to add red food coloring to the nectar. Be sure to clean the feeder very well to reduce the growth of bacteria, which can sicken hummingbirds. Change the nectar weekly or more often if it becomes cloudy.

CAUTION: Never use honey or artificial sweeteners!

  • Honey mixed with water can grow a dangerous fungus that will attack the birds’ tongues.
  • Never use artificial sweeteners in hummingbird feeders.


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 Hummingbird Photographs taken by Cynthia Bowers