Wonderland of Wildlife

Within minutes upon your arrival at Innsbrook you will likely be greeted by a family of whitetail deer or a bald eagle soaring overhead as these encounters are everyday delights within our community. The fox scurry through the prairie and the coyotes howl at night under our star-filled dark skies.  There is no shortage of wildlife within our community so get out and enjoy it by grabbing a camera and sharing one of the great nature resorts of the Midwest.

Here’s a slideshow of photos of the expanding Red Fox family not far off an Innsbrook Nature Trail. Photos by Cindy Bowers, Allison Volk, Clayton Hotze, and Rich McFall who retain copyright ownership.

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We are always looking for more to share.  Please email your wildlife photos to info@ibknature.com.  Be sure to include your name to credit your photo along with date and place where the photo was taken.

Here are a few photo tips for snagging a great deer pictures:

1.  Early morning or right before the sun sets is when deer are the most active.

2. Remain as quiet as possible once you spot a deer.  Slow movements are best.  Keep a safe distance between you and the deer.  They are still wild and unpredictable, especially when there are fawns present.

3. Deer tend to roam in a specific area so they frequent the same neighborhood almost every day.  Keep a log or record where you see them so you know when and where is the best place/time to photograph them.

4. Deer love to eat green leafy plants.  And most plants are tasty to deer.  Look for prairies, green grass or even the grassy greens on the golf course and you’ll find deer.

5. Don’t bring your family dog.  Although Fido may be your best friend, the deer will smell him or her a mile away and will run away before you can focus your camera lens.

6.  Bring your camera with you at all times.  You never know when that perfect image will appear before your eyes.  If you have your camera in your pocket, you’ll be ready.

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