Phenology is the study of the cyclic natural phenomena of plants and animal life often due to seasonal local weather as well as larger planetary changes to our climate. Some plants and animals use the hours of daylight to guide their activity, others use temperature. If you are a light based critter but your food supply is based on temperature, a late spring can leave you scrounging for food. To learn more about the variations in seasonal cycles of plant and wildlife, visit the National Phenology Network website at Be sure to check out their citizen scientist Nature’s Notebook project.

Keeping a nature journal of the seasonal activity around your property is a fun way to get the whole family involved in slowing down enough to watch the planet come alive around us each Spring and begin to hibernate each Fall.  We’ve started keeping track of certain annual milestones in nature at IBK; the first woolly caterpillar predicting the winter, when the geese start gathering in formation for practice flights, the first wildflowers of spring, the first killing frost, the last bluebird clutch, and much more. \

We’ve created Innsbrook Phenology Log pages for each year where we hope to collect observations from ourselves and others. Send us your observations using the comment field below and we will be sure to add them too.

Please visit the following pages for each of these years:

2019 –

2018  –

2017  –

2016  –

2015  –

2014  –

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