On this page you will find many helpful references about living in nature at Innsbrook and in close proximity to so much wildlife. Since most of these resources are links to other websites, we have listed published field guides and books on a different page at .

To ask a Missouri Master Naturalist a question about nature, wildlife, or plants at Innsbrook please visit this page on our website at

Visit Innsbrook Resort’s Nature webpages for information on the many hiking trails located all around Innsbrook at Be sure to download the new Hiking Trail Pocket Guide or pick one up at the POA office.

A comprehensive on-line Nature Field Guide produced by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation can be found at

Discover all the different type of turtles we have in Missouri at

Help identifying the many snakes of Missouri can be found at

Learn about the benefits of having bats on your property at

If you have trouble identifying poison ivy from so many other similar plants visit MDC on Poison Ivy.

Worried about ticks and the diseases they can carry? Visit the MDC Field Guide to Ticks and BJC info about tick diseases.

Need help in identifying strange looking bugs? Visit the BugGuide site at

Questions about when and when not to help or rescue wildlife can be found at

The St. Louis Community College brochure on its Missouri Naturalist Classes is at

The US Humane Society’s website on tips for living with “Wild Neighbors” can be found at

For help with living in harmony among our plentiful deer population visit

Tips about deer-proofing rural landscapes can be found on the Village of Innsbrook Garden Club’s website at

Learn about safety around black bears at including numerous other references.

An exceptional on-line resource for old or new birdwatchers is Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology site at

For additional help with bird identification and how to participate in the annual bird count go to

The Missouri Dept. of Conservation has a great reference on how trees and forests we so much enjoy at IBK can benefit us at Benefits of Forests and at

For information about the total solar eclipse of August 2017 where IBK will near the location of the centerline and longest duration visit this NASA ECLIPSE webpage.

Visit MO Dept of Conservation – Control Bush Honeysuckle for more information on identifying then keeping this invasive bush off your property as it can quickly overrun a forest.

Help with identifying Missouri’s wildflowers can be found at and a source of wildflower seeds can be found at

To make your property more wildlife friendly visit

Everything you need to know about native plants of Missouri can be found at

Local author Don Corrigan’s 2014 book “Environmental Missouri, Issues and Sustainability: What you Need to Know” ( is a comprehensive read for those hoping to understand all that threatens nature and wildlife across Missouri, including rural areas like Innsbrook.

A small group discussion guide on Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home” can be found at

For first-time visitors to Innsbrook, more information about the Innsbrook Resort and the Village of Innsbrook can be found by visiting and respectively.

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